1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel

1Panel Modern, open source Linux server operation and maintenance management panel

In a modern technological environment, Operation and maintenance management is an important topic. Operation and maintenance personnel need to face various complex tasks, including setting up and configuring servers, monitoring hosts, managing files andetc. These tasks are tedious and time-consuming, which brings great challenges to the operation and maintenance work.

Today I want to recommend one to you The open source project 1Panel-dev/1Panel has more than 5.1k stars on . To introduce the project in one sentence is: "Modern, open source server operation and maintenance. ".

If your company needs to manage server operation and maintenance, then the operation and maintenance management panel is an indispensable requirement. Because not every operation and maintenance engineer is able to navigate the command with ease, they can ensure the safe and smooth operation of the server without the aid of auxiliary tools. Especially for newcomers who have just stepped into the field of operation and maintenance, it is particularly important to have a panel tool that can reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance management.

1Panel recommends a very useful Linux server management panel-7

A modern, open source , 1Panel is a modern, open source Linux server operation and maintenance management panel. Use -3.0 open source license

The operation and maintenance management panel replaces cumbersome command line operations through a visual interface and intuitive keyboard and mouse operations, making server operation and maintenance management steps easier and lowering the threshold for operation. It is a practical software tool.

At present, the development of panel tools at home and abroad is still in its infancy, and there are relatively few products to choose from. In China, commonly used panel tools rarely open source all important functions. Many open source panel tools still have room for improvement in terms of ease of use, and it is difficult to become the first choice of users.

Just recently, when I was browsing GitHub, I discovered a completely open source Linux server operation and maintenance management panel called "1Panel". Since its launch in March 2023, this open source project has accumulated more than 9,600 stars, and is a high-profile star among domestic open source projects!

GitHub project address:https://github.com/1Panel-dev/1Panel

The UI interface design of 1Panel is simple and direct, and the dashboard data intuitively displays the system overview. I have been using it for a while, and the operation experience is very smooth.

buildWebsites, similar to and Halo, can easily bind domain names and configure Certificate etc.

  • Efficient management: Through a simple and easy-to-use web interface, it is easy to manage Linux servers, including host monitoring, file management, database management, container management, etc.
  • Safe and reliable: Manage and deploy applications based on containers, minimize security risks, and provide functions such as firewalls and log auditing.
  • One-key backup: Support one-key backup and recovery, store backup data to various cloud storages, and never lose them.
  • In addition to the above functions, 1Panel also has other outstanding features, such as strong scalability and user-friendliness. Its design goal is to simplify the operation and maintenance workflow, improve efficiency, and allow users to focus more on core business.

    1Panel installation and deployment

    1Panel provides a convenient online installation and upgrade method, you can follow the steps below to complete the deployment and upgrade of 1Panel on the server.

    Backend: 1Panel鈥檚 backend uses the Gin framework of the Golang language, and uses go.mod as the project management tool. Developers need to install go 1.18 or above in the development environment first

    Front-end: 1Panel front-end uses Vue.js as the front-end framework, Element-Plus as the UI framework, and as the package management tool. Developers please download Node.js as the running environment first. IDEA users are recommended to install Vue.js. , for easy development.

    : Enter the website, select the corresponding installation package to install.

    Please make sure your system meets the installation conditions before installation:

    • Operating system: Support mainstream Linux distributions (based on / RedHat, including domestic operating systems);
    • Does not support Rocky Centos system, does not support Debian Linux 11;
    • Memory requirements: It is recommended that the available memory is more than 1GB;
    • Browser requirements: Please use , , IE10+, Edge and other modern browsers;
    • Internet access available.

    Execute the following command to download and run the installation script:

    curl -sSL https://resource.fit2cloud.com/1panel/package/quick_start.sh -o quick_start.sh && sh quick_start.sh

    Installing and using 1Panel is very simple. In addition, the project's README file provides detailed installation and usage instructions, which you can view in the README_EN.md file in the project.

    After executing the above command, 1Panel will be successfully deployed to your server. Then, you can access the installed 1Panel through the browser, the link is:http://target server IP address: target port/security entry.

    To keep your 1Panel system up-to-date, simply click the "Check for Updates" link in the lower right corner of the web console page to complete the online upgrade.

    1Panel has a built-in command-line operation and maintenance tool 1pctl by default. By executing 1pctl help, you can view related command instructions.

      status View 1Panel service running status start Start 1Panel service stop Stop 1Panel service restart Restart 1Panel service uninstall Uninstall 1Panel service user-info Get 1Panel user information version View 1Panel version information

    Advantages of 1Panel

    1Panel is an open source project that iterates on a monthly basis. At present, the core framework has been initially established and the important functions of the panel tools have been integrated, as follows:

    • Efficient management: conveniently use the web interface to manage Linux servers, covering functions such as host monitoring, file and database management, and container operations;
    • App Store: Deeply integrated with WordPress and Halo, enabling one-click completion of domain name binding, configuration and other operations, while supporting the quick and convenient installation of more than 60 applications;
    • Safe and reliable: container-based management and deployment minimizes the risk of vulnerability exposure, while providing security functions such as firewalls and log audits;
    • One-click backup: Provide one-click backup and recovery functions, which can back up data to various platforms to ensure that data will never be lost.

    efficient management

    1Panel is a Linux server operation and maintenance management panel that provides a visual operation interface, allowing users to easily perform various operation and maintenance operations without writing cumbersome command line instructions. It can be completed through intuitive keyboard and mouse operations. Even when the command line is needed, users can find the required commands through the 1pctl help command in 1Panel's built-in command line operation and maintenance tool 1pctl.

    1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel-1After logging into 1Panel's web interface, users will enter an intuitive dashboard that displays the overall status of the server. Users can manage various configurations through 1Panel's sidebar directory, including applications, operating environments, databases, container lists, and subordinate hosts.

    1Panel also has a very user-friendly daemon management function. Users can easily monitor and manage daemons such as various applications, services, and background tasks through a clear visual interface. During the management process of the daemon process, users can set customized operations as needed, such as starting, stopping, restarting, etc., so as to achieve precise control of system operation. This also makes managing system processes more intuitive and efficient.

    app Store

    1Panel's聽"app Store"聽Function is an integrated platform designed to provide users with a convenient application management and deployment experience. In the application store, users can easily browse, select and install various applications to meet their website and server needs.

    1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel-11Panel's app store provides users with a diversified application ecosystem, covering a variety of commonly used website building, web servers, operating environments, databases, tools, CI/CD and other applications. Users only need to browse the application store, select the desired application, and then complete the installation and configuration in a few simple steps. In addition, users can also make their own local applications to meet individual needs. Through simple steps, users can package their own developed applications into local applications, and realize simple operations in the subsequent installation and deployment process.

    1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel-11Panel鈥檚 app store also supports one-click backup and recovery of apps to ensure data security. Users can back up their app's settings and data at any time and easily restore it to its previous state when needed, simplifying management and maintenance.

    1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel-1In short, 1Panel's application store function provides users with an integrated and convenient application management platform, allowing users to easily manage and deploy various applications, while ensuring data security and reliability.

    Safe and reliable

    1Panel integrates useful tools such as Firewalld and UFW聽"Firewall"聽software to ensure server security.

    In addition, 1Panel authenticates visitors to the server through various security verification methods. Methods such as login authentication, two-step verification, and security entrance are set as protection mechanisms, and users can set authorization by themselves, allowing only specific visitors to enter the server and browse . Such a product design prevents unauthorized access to the server, thereby effectively avoiding potential data leakage and other security risks.

    1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel-1Users also have the ability to create their own port rules and IP rules in 1Panel. With the help of these rules, users can perform precise screening and behavioral restrictions on visitors. Such a setting greatly reduces the risk of potential malicious attacks, protects the server from unauthorized intrusion, and maintains the stability and security of the server.

    One-click backup

    Using 1Panel's聽"Scheduled Tasks"聽Function, users can simply set regular data backup, and automatically back up the database or website in the server to the cloud. At the same time, you can also create a system snapshot through the "snapshot" function on the panel setting page, in case of emergency.

    1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel-1This method ensures that in the event of server data loss, these vital data can be recovered quickly, ensuring data security and integrity. Through regular backup and system snapshots, users do not need to worry about the risk of data loss, making data security more worry-free.


    1Panel is an excellent and attractive open source Linux server operation and maintenance management panel. It is rich in functions,Provides many free and open source practical functions such as application store, website building, , database management, container management, firewall configuration, security audit, etc.. Users only need to execute simple commands on the server to install 1Panel, and easily perform regular work through intuitive keyboard and mouse operations.

    1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel-1

    The development and iteration of the 1Panel project is very active. It has maintained a rapid version iteration speed, and the community communication group is very active. The 1Panel project team maintains high-frequency interactions with users, answers community user questions and provides guidance, and is also actively collecting user feedback. The 1Panel project will also continue to add useful functions and optimize existing functions based on user suggestions.

    Open source project address: https://github.com/1Panel-dev/1Panel

    Open source project author: 1Panel-dev


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