TVbox TV TV box APK (the latest version is continuously updated)

TVbox TV TV box APK (the latest version is continuously updated)-1

After the previous Mao announced its closure, members of its maintenance transplanted all the core of the latest version of Mao Movie TV to it based on the open source code of TVMovie (formerly known as TV Movie) and released an open source version. .

The software has currently completed most of the development work. Among them, the core functions of Mao Movie TV have been reflected in this software, and it perfectly supports previous Mao Video interface resources.

The software is an open source project that anyone can download, use and re-develop; although some functions still need to be improved, it can already be a perfect replacement for the closed Mao Film and Television——

is an open source shell that is modified based on the open source project tvmovie and perfectly transplants the core functions of Mao Movie. It has no restrictions and no advertisements.

The software is an empty shell, which needs to be imported before it can be used, and there is no limit at all.

This version has modified support and original versioncoexist, and modify the background.

After the software is installed, in [Settings], fill in the interface address in [Configuration Address] in [Settings Other].

TVbox TV TV box APK (the latest version is continuously updated)-2

After the address is filled in, it can be used directly. The operation of switching the homepage source of the software is actually not much different from that of MaoTV, and everyone will know it at a glance.

The software is still under development, and some functions can be optimized in detail. This version is only for everyone to transition.

Interface: (The network interface and local interface files of the original Mao Film and Television are perfectly supported. "tv9527." in the downloaded file is the local interface file)


Interface (shared by selected netizens):


download link:  (Continually updated)

download link:  (password 123)


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