U.S. App Store solution ChatGPT Plus latest activation guide

if your Plus account was Banned, this article is suitable for you to continue reading. The main of this article is to buy American products through Alipay Gift cards are used to complete Plus account payment. After verification, this solution can break through the restrictions of account suspension and depay payment rejection.

U.S. App Store solution ChatGPT Plus latest activation guide-1

Step 1: Confirm account status

If you were prompted by the system when logging into your account recently:You do not have an account because it has been deleted or deactivated. If you believe this was an , please contact us through our help center at help..com.

Or receive an email from OpenAI, the main content is:

Dear ChatGPT customer, You are receiving this email because we have identified suspicious activity on your account. In order to protect our platform, we have refunded and canceled your subscription. You will no longer have access to service.


We take fraud prevention very seriously, and we want to ensure that our platform remains a safe and secure place for all our customers. If you believe that this action has been taken in , we invite you to submit an appeal to have your account reinstated. Please visit help.openai.com.

Or, if the account you used to pay through depay is rejected, you will be redirected back to your normal account. That means your has been risk-controlled and you need to change to a new renewal method or even register a new account.

Step 2: Register a new ChatGPT account

If your account has not been banned, but only the Plus payment has been cancelled, please read step three directly.

If your account is blocked and you cannot log in, you need to re-register a new ChatGPT account.

Step 3: Register for a US Apple ID

First, you need a store AmericaAccount, if you don't have one, please refer to the following two articles from Diyou to register an account and install Chat GPT Version:

Use your domestic Store account and switch the region to the United States.

Step 4: Use Alipay to top up the US App Store

Why is it not recommended to buy gift cards directly on Xianyu? It is impossible to verify whether the gift card on Xianyu is a black card. If you use a black card to recharge, there is a high probability that it will cause ID account is banned.

After the US account is done, the next step is to go to Alipay to purchase the US gift card, please refer to the steps in the picture below:

Switch the Alipay location to “San Francisco” and activate the US App Store recharge entrance:

After switching, scroll down the page and find the App Store recharge entrance:

Register an account and complete the recharge. Note: The email address filled in during registration will receive the code of the App Store later, please fill it in carefully; the purchase of gift cards must be greater than 20 US dollars, because Plus is 19.9 US dollars per month, if you directly purchase 20 US dollars, then in the next steps , an error will be reported that the account balance is insufficient. I directly recharged 25 US dollars, you can refer to it.

After payment, log in to the email address you filled in during registration, and you will receive the App Store activation code email in about 2 minutes. If you do not receive it, you can look for it in the spam.

Open the App Store with a US account and enter the activation code:

Step 4: ChatGPT Plus renewal

After the App Store balance is successfully recharged, the next step is to renew the Plus account on the ChatGPT iOS APP.

After the renewal is completed, log in to the ChatGPT account on the PC browser and continue to use it Got it!


ChatGPT has recently upgraded its risk control rules.Many of the accounts that came to pay were banned or canceled the renewal. This article mainly introduces the use of the App Store in the US to pay for the Plus account. I hope it can solve your renewal problem. If you fail to solve the Plus problem according to the steps, please leave a message below the article.