CloudDrive2 0.4.9 turns Alibaba cloud disk into local hard disk in seconds, including MAC and Linux versions

Teach you how to turn Alibaba Cloud disk into a local hard disk

 It is a device that can combine 115,Alibaba disk, Tianyi , Wojia Cloud Disk, and WebDAV are mounted to the computer and become a local hard disk tool, supporting and Deployment, easy to use, ready to use. CloudDrive will mount itself as the computer's network hard drive. After entering, different folders inside correspond to different cloud drives. It is as convenient to use as a local hard drive!

In order to protect user privacy, CloudDrive does not apply for permission to obtain the mobile phone number of Disk users, and in order to distinguish it from the old API account, the name of the newly added Alibaba Cloud Disk is Alibaba Cloud Disk Open, and multiple Alibaba Cloud Disks will be listed in brackets. The user_id of the Alibaba Cloud disk included will cause the previous mounting to fail. The solution is to change the name of the added Alibaba Cloud disk to the original Alibaba Cloud disk or the corresponding name with a mobile phone number, and the mounting can be restored.

CloudDrive2.0.49 Alibaba Cloud Disk turns into a local hard disk in seconds, including MAC and Linux versions-1CloudDrive2 0.4.9 (web1.2.0.0) version released
update :

1. 115 Add offline download interface to display the user's offline quota and the list of files that are offline in the current directory.
2. Fixed the problem that files in certain states of Alibaba Cloud disk cannot be downloaded.
3. The web interface fully supports mobile device display, and all dialog boxes can be used normally on mobile devices.
4. Fixed the problem that the memory occupied is not released after successfully uploading files in some cases.
5. The Winfsp version built into the Windows installer is upgraded to WinFsp 2023 2.0.23075. The upgrade installation will not upgrade the Winfsp version and can still be used normally. The newly installed CloudDrive2 will install the new version of Winfsp by default.
6. Web version update detection, starting from Web1.2.0.0, after the subsequent Web interface version is updated, a new version will be prompted in the Web interface. Click Refresh to upgrade to the latest version of the Web. There is no need to force refresh the browser.
7. Other interface fine-tuning, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Due to the browser's local cache, please update the version and check whether the Web version number displayed on the Web interface is the latest. If it is not the latest version, please press Ctrl+Shift+R to force refresh the page.
MacOSThe file writing function of this version has been basically perfected, but there may still be bugs. It is best to make a backup before modifying important files through it.

CloudDrive official website

CloudDrive can mount many domestic and foreign network disks locally, allowing the computer to access the space in the form of a folder just like accessing its own hard drive. It can be used with some software. It is very smooth. The author of this software is also diligent and dedicated. We are doing free updates, but every time the author updates a version, it is posted in the telegram group, and many domestic friends cannot access it directly.

CloudDrive2 0.4.9 turns Alibaba cloud disk into local hard disk in seconds, including MAC and Linux versions-1The author of CloudDrive2 finally launched the official website that can be accessed in China, and also added some paid . Of course, the most basic ones are still free.

CloudDrive official website address:


Windows version installation method:

Download the latest Windows version installer (exe suffix) and execute the installation

Linux version installation method:

1. Before running, please make sure that fuse3 is installed on the system and make sure that the fusermount3 command can run normally.
2. Download the latest version of the corresponding architecturelinuxversion, run clouddrive directly after expansion

macOS version installation method:

1. Please make sure macfuse is installed on the system before running (, and have set the permissions correctly according to the prompts
2. Download the latest version of the corresponding architecture, expand it and run clouddrive directly.


What are the changes in the new version of CloudDrive2 compared with the previous generation?

1. The entire backend was redeveloped using rust. Compared with CloudDrive1, the CPU and memory usage are greatly reduced. The web frontend temporarily reuses CloudDrive's Blazor solution in the form of Blazor WebAssembly.
2. The Linux version abandons fuse2 support and is based on fuse3, which perfectly supports musl-based systems, includingopenwrt, fix the problem of incomplete plex scanning under Linux
3. Improved multi-threaded download algorithm, which can dynamically adjust the download speed according to the request, try to ensure smooth dragging when playing videos, and high-speed downloading when copying files
4. Improved WebDAV Client, compatible with current mainstream WebDAV Server
5. WebDAV Server function can provide WebDAV services for third-party clients to use: WebDAV server address: http:// :19798/dav
Username/Password: The same as the username and password used to log in to the web interface
WebDAV Server supports setting the root path and read-only attributes. Currently, there is no Web setting interface. You need to manually modify the webdav_root and webdav_readonly values in the [webconfig] project of the config.toml file. Restart after modification to take effect.
6. PikPak network disk support
7. Supports pushing change notifications to the mounted file system. jellyfin/emby/plex can choose to monitor the folder in real time to obtain real-time push of file changes. The change source supports regular file operations on the mounted file system; supports file operations through web pages, including creation, deletion, move, rename, import SHA1, and cross-network disk migration change operations; supports connection to CloudDrive WebDAV Server through WebDAV client Change operation
8. 115 network disk adds access speed control to avoid being temporarily banned by 115 due to too frequent access. Note: If multiple CloudDrive2 logs in to the same 115 account and access simultaneously, access control may become invalid.

New network disks and new improvements will be carried out on CloudDrive2. In principle, CloudDrive will no longer develop new functions.

CloudDrive1 features that CloudDrive2 has not yet implemented include:
1. The sharing function of CloudDrive is not supported yet.
2. Mounting via web is not supported for the time being.isodocument
3. preview of media files in the web interface of Alibaba Cloud Disk is not currently supported.
4. Uploading files through the web interface is not supported for the time being.

Testing instructions
1. CloudDrive2 can coexist with CloudDrive and does not affect the use of CloudDrive.
2. The Windows version will install the latest version of Winfsp. If CloudDrive1 has been installed, you will be prompted to uninstall the old version of Winfsp and then restart. Follow the prompts to uninstall Winfsp and then restart and reinstall. After installing the new version of Winfsp, CloudDrive1 can still work normally.
3. CloudDrive2 currently provides Windows-X64, Linux x86_64, Linux arm64, and Linux arm versions. Versions of other architectures will be provided in the future. The installation and operation method of the Docker version is similar to that of CloudDrive1, and still requires make-shared, mapping /dev/fuse, Set administrator permissions and other pre-operations and parameters

Compatible with CloudDrive1 data
1. During the test , CloudDrive2 was incompatible with the local data of CloudDrive1. They are two independent installation directories. User cloud disk login data can be compatible through cloud data synchronization.
2. If you need data compatible with CloudDrive1, please upgrade CloudDrive1 to the latest version 1.1.72 first. When logging in, choose to synchronize account information to the cloud. Wait about a minute to complete the data upgrade.
3. After the CloudDrive1 data upgrade is completed, when logging in to CloudDrive2, you can also choose to synchronize the account information to the cloud to import the CloudDrive1 data.
4. Note: Because CloudDrive1 does not support Pikpak, after adding Pikpak through CloudDrive2, do not use the cloud synchronization function of CloudDrive1, otherwise CloudDrive1 may overwrite the cloud data, resulting in the loss of Pikpak login information.
5. Please upgrade all CloudDrive1 users who log in to the same account to the latest version, otherwise the old version of CloudDrive1 may overwrite old data to the cloud, resulting in data incompatibility.
6. If the cloud data has not been upgraded, CloudDrive2 will automatically disable the synchronization to the cloud function to ensure that old data will not be lost.

The default web management port of CloudDrive2 beta is 19798

Windows mount failed

If the Windows client fails to mount, you can try to use the latest version of CD2. First uninstall winfsp and download it again. winfsp-1.12.22339.msi Try again after installing using the default address.

docker version download address
Docker version update method:
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d
Please do not use the Alibaba Cloud image when installing the docker versionaccelerate

CloudDrive download address:

The Windows version is exe suffix

Alibaba network disk:

Lan Zuoyun:

Baidu Skydisk(Including Apple and Linux versions): Extraction code: uxql


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