PuTTY 0.79 old SSH remote connection tool download

PuTTY SSH remote tool for Windows

is applicable to and Unix platforms and A free implementation of , and the xterm terminal emulator. It is primarily written and maintained by Simon Tatham. The latest version is 0.79.

is a free and open source program that integrates virtual terminal, system console and network file transfer. It supports multiple network protocols, including SCP, , , rlogin, and raw socket connections. It can also be connected to a serial port. Its name "PuTTY" has no special meaning.

The earlier version only supported the platform, and later added support for various Unix platforms and OS X support. In addition to the official version, there are many third-party groups or individuals porting PuTTY to other platforms, such as Symbian-based mobile phones.

PuTTY is primarily written and maintained by British programmer Simon Tatham and is licensed under the MIT license.


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PuTTY includes:

  • Support IPv6 connection.
  • You can control the type of encryption protocol used during SSH connections.
Currently there are 3DES, AES, Blowfish, DES (not recommended) and RC4.
  • The CLI versions of SCP and SFTP Client are called pscp and psftp respectively.
  • Built-in SSH Forwarding features, includingX11 Forwarding.
  • Fully emulates the capabilities of xterm, VT102 and ECMA-48 terminals.
  • Supports public key authentication.

2023-08-26 PuTTY 0.79 released

Today's release of PuTTY 0.79 is mostly a bugfix release, with only minor new features for SSH and terminal mouse handling.

The most important bug fix is the way we've restored the Windows "install scope" into 0.77 and earlier, restoring the security workarounds we had to put into 0.78. This means that the 0.79 Windows installer will not automatically uninstall 0.78, so we recommend that you manually uninstall 0.78 first (if you have it installed). As before, if you end up with both versions installed, uninstalling them and running a new installer will make everything work.

download link:PuTTY 0.79 Download

You might want one of these. They include versions of all PuTTY utilities (except the new and somewhat experimental Windows pterm).

(Not sure if you need the 32-bit or 64-bit version? Read the FAQ entry. )

We have also released the latest PuTTY installer for all Windows architectures, available in the Microsoft Storefree download in ; they usually take a few days to appear after we release them.

MSI ("Windows Installer")
Unix source files

The installer package above will provide all these versions (except PuTTYtel and pterm), but you can download the standalone binaries one by one if you prefer.

(Not sure if you need the 32-bit or 64-bit version? Read the FAQ entry. )

putty.exe(SSH and Telnet clients themselves)
64-bit x86: putty.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: putty.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: putty.exe (sign)
pscp.exe(SCP client, command secure file copy)
64-bit x86: pscp.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: pscp.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: pscp.exe (sign)
psftp.exe(SFTP client, i.e. a generic file transfer session similar to FTP)
64-bit x86: psftp.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: psftp.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: psftp.exe (sign)
puttytel.exe(Telnet client only)
64-bit x86: puttytel.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: puttytel.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: puttytel.exe (sign)
plink.exe(command line interface with PuTTY backend)
64-bit x86: plink.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: plink.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: plink.exe (sign)
pageant.exe(SSH authentication for PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP and Plink)
64-bit x86: pageant.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: pageant.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: pageant.exe (sign)
puttygen.exe(RSA and DSA Key Generation Utility)
64-bit x86: puttygen.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: puttygen.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: puttygen.exe (sign)
pterm.exe(PuTTY-style wrapper for Windows Command Prompt)
64-bit x86: pterm.exe (sign)
64-bit ARM: pterm.exe (sign)
32-bit x86: pterm.exe (sign)
putty.zip(All of the above except PuTTYtel and pterm's . )
64-bit x86: putty.zip (sign)
64-bit ARM: putty.zip (sign)
32-bit x86: putty.zip (sign)
The released version of PuTTY is the version we think is likely to work well.However, they are usually not the latest versions of the code available.Download link for the latest PuTTY release. Currently 0.79, published on August 26, 2023.

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