TVbox interface tool TVbox Assistant v1.0.9

Tool assistant for decrypting tvbox interface

likeMost of my -watching friends are rightThis box-playing is no stranger and can be called the most powerful in the universe. But we all know that itself is an empty shell of the player and needs to be imported into the interface to be used perfectly. Including the movie warehouse, visual , movie shell, treasure box, Fongmi and many other tvbox-related second-generation software that Youmige shared with me before, all use this logic.

So how to obtain an easy-to-use and stable interface has become an inevitable need for everyone. Today Youmige brings you this one[] can perfectly solve problems such as helping everyone find interfaces, interface decryption, and one-click interface allocation.

software function

  • Interface acquisition

    brings together many of the latest popular interfaces. Friends who often look for interfaces may wish to get them directly here.
    Usage: Click the search box on the left side of the one-click decryption, and the currently collected popular interfaces will be immediately displayed. Pull down to display more.

  • Interface decryption

    Many netizens will encrypt the interfaces they create to prevent them from being copied and used. TVbox Assistant is such a tool that can be used for specialized decryption.

  • Interface production and encryption

    [One-click decryption] You can directly copy and use the decrypted interface, or you can copy it and make your own interface after clicking [One-click decryption].

  • Supports one-click push of interfaces and interface local files to the TV.

①Decrypt the desired interface with one click.
②【Download local package】to the computer desktop.
③When the software and the TV are in the same LAN, turn on the TV and the assistant tool can automatically search for the TV and connect.
④ Click [Push Local Package] to copy the interface file to the TV storage. Here, you can choose to push local packages or push interface links.

software screenshot

Get interface

TVbox interface tool TVbox Assistant v1.0.9-1

One-click decryption

TVbox interface tool TVbox Assistant v1.0.9-2

Software update

fix bug;

Fixed the issue where downloading of lines whose jar is img+bmp failed (such as Tang San's new ).
Optimize the route folder naming method (Pinyin naming).

download link


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