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TVBox interface 20230726 TVBox download, latest TVBox configuration, personal test available, no ads and fast speed

TVBox interface 2023 latest version interface, high speed, no jamming and no advertising tvbox configuration address TVBox interface, free and open source, but TVBox needs to configure the interface by itself. After the tvbox interface is configured, live broadcast on TV can be used. It is a must-have application for Android TV.AndroidIt can also be installed on mobile phones. So how to configure the tvbox interface? I have personally tested and sorted out the tvbox interface. Below I will share the latest available high-speed and ad-free tvbox interface. tvbox latest interface TVBox download TVBox official website: Currently TVBox isGitHubThe above open source project, because it is a decentralized video player, has no official website, and the copyright belongs to everyone who installs it. Notice:q215613905andtakagen99 There are two different versions. When downloading, please note that the former is the pure version of TVBox OSC, and the latter is the beautified version. There are two different branches in terms of functions. Same method of use TVBox is updated frequently. The current version is20230722-0208 TVBox_takagen99_20230722-0208.apk Credit: takagen99 Commit: cb6e83beb0c88740d912dda0217522d13fc84053 Changelog: Fix crash bugs that may occur when parsing aggregation, concurrency, and polling Recommended video playback bug; ijk configuration optimization Support recommended video playback; support ordinary…


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Because everyone’s system conditions, network conditions, browser environments, and virtual card risk control conditions are different, in order to ensure that