Cloudreve is a diversified open source network disk system, bid farewell to Baidu network disk.

is aThe system supports different storage platforms, and users do not need to care about physical storage methods during actual use. You can use Cloudreve , file sharing systems, or public cloud systems for groups large or small.

Main features

  • ☁️ Supports local machine, slave machine, Qiniu, OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Youpai Cloud, (Including 21Vianet version), S3 compatible protocol as storage end
  • 📤 /download supports client direct transmission and download speed limit
  • 💾 Dockable Offline download, multiple slaves can be usedShare download tasks
  • 📚 Online compression/,Multiple file package download
  • 💻 WebDAV protocol support covering all storage strategies
  • ⚡ Drag and drop upload, directory upload, streaming upload
  • 🗃️ File drag and drop management
  • 👩‍👧‍👦 Multiple users, user groups, multiple storage strategies
  • 🔗 Create sharing links for files and directories, and can set automatic expiration
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Video, image, audio, ePub online preview, text, Document online editing
  • 🎨 Custom color matching, dark mode, PWA , full-site single-page application, international support
  • 🚀 All-In-One package, ready to use right out of the box
  • 🌈…

Application features

1. Diversified external storage, smooth file upload, and management experience

Cloudreve supports docking with a variety of external storage, such as local machine, slave machine, Qiniu, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Youpai Cloud, (including 21Vianet version), S3 compatible protocol, etc. All file uploads and downloads are The client directly transmits without going through the .

At the same time, on the Web side, Cloudreve provides powerful file management and upload components: manage files through drag and drop; operate files in batches with multiple selections and range selections, and perform operations such as sharing, moving, copying, and compressing files. A feature-rich upload that supports directory upload, breakpoint resume upload, parallel upload, and drag-and-drop file upload.

2. Download offline and build a private offline resource library

Leave the link, seed file, and download link to Cloudreve for processing. Cloudreve will download the file you specified on the server and automatically upload it to the corresponding storage. You can also use the slave Cloudreve to combine different offline downloads and The dump task is assigned to different servers for processing, reducing the load pressure on the master node.

3. Quickly share your files and directories

Create a sharing link for files in Cloudreve, through which others can access, download or preview the file. Sharing links is completely under your control, providing a wealth of configuration options. Support password protection, automatic expiration and other options.

4. Multi-terminal synchronization, access files from multiple devices and applications

By Cloudreve Client, you can conveniently manage files on your mobile device;

Through the WebDAV protocol, you can also access and operate files in all applications that support the WebDAV protocol, including system file managers, various file manager clients, video players, note-taking , etc., such as: Cloudreve for iOS, nPlayer, Solid Explorer File Manager, Joplin, etc.

installation guide

  1. EnterCloud native app store
  2. Search Cloudreve
  3. Enter the details and select the package type (this application supports,installation, ram installation)
  4. Click Install and execute the corresponding command. If you have any questions, please refer to the documentation or join the community

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