How to Create a Google News Sitemap

How to Create a Google News Sitemap

Check out a video on how to create a Google News sitemap here.

would you like to submit your article to News so that they show up in news search results?

All in one Make it all very easy. In fact, if you haveAll in One SEO Pro's Pro plan or above, then only minimal configuration is required.

Here, we'll show you how to review the settings and check your sitemap so you can be sure it has all the right .

What is a Google News sitemap?

A is a special sitemap that contains only news articles. It enables to quickly find your news articles and display them in news search results.

Do not confuse this with any other type of sitemap. It should only contain news articles and no other types of content.

In order to submit a News Sitemap to Google, we recommend that you add your site toGoogle's Publisher Centerand get approved.

While Google Publisher Center approval is not required, it comes with several benefits, including content and brand control, monetization opportunities, and placement eligibility on Google Newsstand.

Google provides information on appearing in Google News in its articleMore information.

Enable news sitemap

First, go to the "All-in-one in the menu"site map", then click"News Sitemap"Tab.

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you will see news sitemap screen and you should see the Enable sitemap is open. If it is off, you will need to turn it on.

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News sitemap settings

Next we need to decide what content we want to include in our news sitemap.

existNews sitemap settingssection, you will seePublication nameandpost typesetting.

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existPublication nameIn the field, enter the name of the news publication. If you do not enter, we will use yourWebsite title.

You can posttypeSettings to select content to include in the News Sitemap.

If you want to include everything you can put "contains all post types" The check box remains selected.

If unchecked "include all post types" checkbox and you will see a list of all content post types and can select which ones to include in your sitemap.

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For example, you might not include pages in a news sitemap because those pages are unlikely to be news articles. Likewise, if you have other post types (such as products), these should not be included. Only news content should be included.

That's all the configuration needed.You can open the site by clickingMap" button to view the site map.


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