The ultimate solution for photo backup to NAS

Why save to NAS

I have been reluctant to use some albums orservices to back up and save your own photos, mainly for two reasons:

  1. I don't want my privacy to be abused by these service providers. The photos and videos you will definitely be scanned by these service providers. Even if there are no private photos, I can't accept my privacy being invaded like this.
  2. You don't want your data to be kidnapped. After all, the data is in the hands of others. One day, if others want to run away or raise prices, you have nothing to do

Too trying a solution

Synology moments

At first, the NAS was installed with Synology, so I used the moments that comes with Synology to synchronize photos. After using it for a while, some problems appeared:

  1. moments Almost no longer updated, the experience is not bad, but definitely not good, my wife always complains This doesn't work, that doesn't work
  2. Binding with Synology, because it must be used with the moments , so you don't have any other options, which makes me feel very passive

Now it seems that Synology has eliminated moments and released the new Synology photos. I have not tried this because Synology hardware is still too expensive. Now I have switched to Unraid.

PhotoPrism – super easy to use

have to say It's really easy to use. What I like most about it is that it has strong compatibility. You just need to throw it a directory, and it can process all the photos in it, and it can search in various dimensions. For a very large number of photos It's really useful.

But the problem is that only has a server side, and I have to find a way to complete the action of synchronizing photos to NAS

PhotoSync – not worth the price

The of this are still good, but its UI and interaction are a bit old. I also need to use a dedicated app for synchronization. The most important thing is that I have to pay to use it. I don't think it is worth it, so I give up.

Nextcloud – poor mobile app

It is very easy to use as a . I try to use the mobile terminal of to synchronize album photos. But I really installedAfter launching the app, the URL after connecting to my https reverse generation actually crashed and was completely unusable, so I gave up.

Alist + Pho + Rclone + PhotoPrism – The Ultimate Solution

What I like most about this solution is that all links are not coupled. Removing any one link will not affect other links. Everyone can replace a certain part according to their own preferences.


Official website
Responsible for mapping the various available storage intowebdav,Support various cloud disks, network disks and local storage The ultimate solution for photo backup to NAS-1


Official website
Responsible for passingwebdavUpload photos toAlistA good thing about mapped storage is that it supports encrypted upload, so that you can make a secondary backup on the network disk, which adds a layer of data insurance while avoiding privacy leaks.
And I can use this app directly on my mobile phone to my local and uploaded photos. The UI and interaction of this app are very good, and I can use it directly to replace the system's own photo album. The ultimate solution for photo backup to NAS-2


Official website
Responsible forAlistofwebdavMapped to the file system of the NAS to feed photos to PhotoPrism


Official website
The ultimate "gatherer", all the photos backed up by all the devices in the family are finally fed here. Even if there are massive photos, you can quickly index the photos you want to find based on it. The ultimate solution for photo backup to NAS-3

final effect

Browsing and uploading on mobile phones

usePhoBrowse local and recently uploaded photos

Find and browse photos from a time in the past

Use based on informationPhotoPrismJust search

+ + + photoprism This is just the solution I chose. In fact, this solution is extremely compatible. Almost any one of them can be removed or replaced and it will still work perfectly. The solution can be simplified without any of the functions.
I use this solution to take into account my other needs, such as plex to play movies on the network disk, secondary encrypted backup to the network disk, etc.

The photo backup solution is also too complicated. The photo album backup on my phone is syncting (synchronization) + PhotoPrism (display). TrueNAS nfs shares a folder to store the photos, and the NAS is responsible for the backup.
syncting If you have a public IP at home or equipped with FRP, you can synchronize remotely. If you don't have one, you can also synchronize via WIFI LAN at home.
The ultimate solution for photo backup to NAS-1


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