tvbox crash problem-solved

Perfect solution to tvbox crash problem

aboutThe crash problem has always been a very troublesome problem.After installing , it crashes immediately after opening it.Cannot be used normally, including several other models,existAfter installing it on the , it cannot be used. What causes the to crash? Here鈥檚 how to solve itquestion.

tvbox official project website:

The tvbox crash problem is caused by the version of the apk being incompatible with older versions. There are two versions available for download on the .

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In the official website, there are two project branches.

These two projects only write source code and are not responsible for packaging. Two versions are packaged, which we can simply understand as two versions of q215613905 and takagen99.

q215613905 has always maintained the original tvbox, while takagen99 is a multi-storage tvbox after beautifying the UI magic modification. After these two versions are installed, takagen99 will have a tvbox crash , and the takagen99 version does not support the old version of the Android system.

Installing q215613905 can perfectly solve the tvbox flashback problem. Version q215613905 adds support for older versions of Android.

Two versions ofAddress, if you need other versions, you can go to the project official website to download.


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