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Describe a musical idea and hear it come to life

Recently released an experimental Text music generation tool , this tool is widely regarded as an important combination between and music. A place to work together to improve artificial intelligence technology.
The Test Kitchen is a place where people can experience some of 's latest AI technologies and provide feedback. Our goal is to learn, improve, and innovate in artificial intelligence together and responsibly.

In this article, I鈥檒l give you the ins and outs of this tool through a hands-on review.

MusicLM Google AI text music generation tool-1# tool introduction

MusicLM is an experimental AI text music generation tool. The model was trained using a 280,000-hour music data set and learned to generate coherent songs from complex text descriptions.

The tool provides the AI Test Kitchen for demonstration. MusicLM focuses on creating music based on textual descriptions and provides users with a unique experimental venue to validate or evaluate the performance of their models.

# technical principle

MusicLM uses Google's latest artificial intelligence technology, including deep learning, natural language and machine learning. This technology changes the way music is generated from hard coding in the past to one based on probability and adaptability.

Models in MusicLM are trained by learning to extract elements of artist style from large amounts of music data, which can be used to generate new musical compositions. At the same time, MusicLM also uses a model architecture called Transformer to help users achieve better music fluency.

# features

* Text music generation: The main function of MusicLM is to generate music through text description.
* AI Test Kitchen: MusicLM is demonstrated through the AI Test Kitchen application, providing users with a testing ground to verify or evaluate model performance.
*Technological innovation: MusicLM uses Google's latest artificial intelligence technology, including deep learning, natural language processing and machine learning.
* Multi-language support: MusicLM supports text input in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, etc.

# usage steps

1. Visit
2. Select MusicLM on the page, and click the "Launch" button to open the application.
3. Enter a text description in the "Text Input" box.
4. Click the "Generate Music" button and wait for the music generation to complete.
5. Click the "Play" button to play the generated music.
6. Adjust the delay, volume and other parameters of the music to obtain the results that best meet your needs.

# case demonstration

To fully understand MusicLM's capabilities, we conducted the following tests:

We created a sentence "Phoenix bamboo in the moonlight" as input to MusicLM and generated a piece of music about three minutes long. In this piece of music, we can hear very natural and comfortable harmonies, as well as some sound effects of running water and birdsong. The entire music has a clear melody, natural rhythm, and no significant discontinuities, showing MusicLM's excellent performance in processing complex language input.

We also entered another text "In the South of Caiyun" and generated about three minutes of music. This music has obvious characteristics, conveying a pleasant and leisurely atmosphere, and is more like the background music of a scene. The seamless collaboration between musical instruments such as piano, violin, saxophone and woodwinds makes people feel the beauty of innovation.

These case demonstrations prove that the MusicLM tool can generate high-quality music for various input text descriptions, demonstrating its potential to be combined with art.

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